Call My Name by 한별 (레드애플)


scissor paper
오버사이즈 T 2color

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aubreylstallard: Guy Billout
"I am not always thinking sweetly of you. I am thinking angrily or indignantly or sulkily, quite often, but I am never not thinking of you. More often than not I am just worried about you, concerned and distressed about my baby lamb being tired or unhappy–and of course often it is with mad, mad passion and sometimes it is naughty, sometimes, only sometimes is it dirty or even sadistic. You are all over me, in sorrow or in joy, all of the time – Oh yes in drunkenness too, in conversation, in work, with every breath and heart-beat."
Laurence Olivier, from a letter to Vivien Leigh (via violentwavesofemotion)

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EXO - Die Jungs


Backstage Tour with Daniel Radcliffe on The Cripple of Inishmaan x

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//down tempo☆ an instrumental electronic mix for the summer days turning into autumn haze. ☆ [LISTEN] 

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I’m not depressed,
why do you think I’m always depressed?
I’m just tired.

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The Sonata by Irving Ramsey Wiles, 1889 (detail)

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